Roof Damaged by the Recent Hail Storm? We got you covered!

Berthoud Commercial Roofing Services

The Commercial Roofing Contractor Berthoud Trusts

Colorado Roofing Specialists provides the residents of Berthoud, CO, with top-of-the-line commercial roofing services. Every roofing contractor is trained, licensed, and experienced within the roofing industry, making us the perfect choice for all your roofing needs.

Our customers trust that our commercial roof service will help their business. As professionals, we put our expertise and world-class skills into every commercial roofing job.

Get all the roofing services you need from one Berthoud business! Avoid a total roof replacement with our unparalleled roof restoration and routine roof maintenance services. Schedule with us by calling (970) 587-4707 or submitting a quote request through our site.

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Our Severance Commercial Roofing Services

For commercial roofing in Severance, CO, look no further than Colorado Roofing Specialists. We offer clients top-quality services in the following areas:

No matter what your roofing needs are, we handle every job with professionalism and care. Your commercial building is in good hands when you choose our knowledgeable team for commercial roofing services.

Roof Repair Service

We make commercial roof repair easy so you can focus on what really matters. Roof repairs can range in cost, labor, and overall damage. However, we are the Severance roofing contractor that promises to give you a complete and affordable fix.

You don’t have to worry about facing a recurring issue with your roof. When Colorado Roofing Specialists repairs roofs, we solve the problem the first time.

Storm Damage Restoration

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on commercial roofs. However, our roof restoration services can get yours looking brand new. We use special techniques and equipment to reverse the effects of storm damage. Our professionals will restore hail damage, fix holes made by falling debris, and otherwise get your commercial roof back into top condition.

Commercial Roof Replacement

If your existing roof is old or has extensive damage beyond repair, it’s time for a commercial roof replacement. This complex service calls for an experienced roofing company to replace the structure.

Our experts begin the replacement process by tearing off the current material on your roof. We consult you on popular material options for similar roofing systems. Depending on what you select, we will have the new roof in place in no time.

We understand that commercial buildings house important valuables and businesses. That’s why we work efficiently to set your property up with a new roof that will protect the building for decades to come.

Quality Commercial Roofing Services from Colorado Roofing Specialists

Whether you need someone to repair your existing roof, perform biannual maintenance, or recommend roofing systems for a roof replacement, our team can help. We offer free, no-obligation quotes for our commercial roofing services in Berthoud, Colorado. Let us become your one-stop shop to keep your commercial business up and running with a good roof!

Contact us for exceptional commercial roof replacement, inspections, teardowns, repairs, and installation services. We also offer choices for a commercial roof coating in Berthoud, CO. A commercial roof coating enhances the protective capabilities of your already-great roof.

Consider your commercial roofing needs, and rest assured, knowing we serve multiple types of roofing systems. If you’re switching out your commercial roofing in Berthoud, CO, or simply want to explore other options, ask our roofing professionals about the latest roofing selections.

What Types of Roofing Systems Do We Service?


EPDM is good for a sloped commercial roof. Our fast replacement service makes it easy to get a top-quality EPDM roof that comes in black or white.


PVC roofs last about 30 years.


You'll find metal roofs on many commercial buildings because they're strong and long-lasting. These commercial roofs require little maintenance, making them perfect for busy property owners. A metal roof may cost more but will last well over 40 years.


You can't go wrong with a shingle roof as it's terrific for residential roofing as well as commercial.


A TPO roof combats mold growth well.

Commercial Roof Repair in Berthoud, Colorado

We deal with various commercial roofing problems and understand how Colorado’s weather can wreak havoc, necessitating roof repairs. Get a quote for your commercial roof repair, and we’ll guarantee the best repairs in the area.

Here are just two instances to call for repairs:

A Water-Damaged Roof with Leaks

Are you dealing with leaks in your roofing system? If so, you definitely need a fast repair roof repair service. Repairs will prevent your interior from facing water damage, mold growth, and leaks from getting worse.

An Aging Commercial Roofing System

Your roof needs repairs from time to time, and it’s vital to take care of them. Despite its old age, you could save your existing roof with commercial roof restoration and repair services.

Professional Commercial Roof Installation - Berthoud, CO

Here’s how our roof installation and replacement processes work:

Evaluate Your Roof Needs

Our commercial roofing services begin with a consultation. Our professionals examine your current roof and listen to your concerns.

Recommend Roofing Options

You’ll learn about all potential choices for your commercial roof replacement. We can show you what TPO, PVC, metal, or shingle roofs look like on commercial buildings so you feel confident with your final decision.

Install Your New Roof

We’ll safely and carefully replace the old roof on your commercial building, cleaning up all materials as we work.

Perform a Final Inspection

At the end of all commercial roof installation services, we ensure our work is flawless and that no stone goes unturned.

Have You Scheduled Your Commercial Roof Inspection Yet?

Our commercial roofing contractors are your guide to keeping your business safe with a stable roof. What appears to be minor roofing problems can transition into serious issues. You’re less likely to replace your roof if you keep up with roof maintenance and regular inspections.

Furthermore, our team may advise roof restoration services to improve your commercial roof’s appearance and protective abilities. Your inspection will provide further insight into your roofing system’s condition.

Contact the Commercial Roofing Team at Colorado Roofing Specialists

At Colorado Roofing Specialists, our commercial roofing contractors have over 20 years of relevant industry experience. Every commercial building needs adequate protection, a stunning appearance, and a local roofing team that cares, so reach out to us today.

We serve Berthoud, CO, and the surrounding areas. Get a quote for our top-rated and reliable commercial roofing services on our website, or call us at (970) 587-4707.