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Fort Collins Roofing

Protect Your Fort Collins Home with Top-Quality Roofing Services

Colorado weather takes a toll on your home’s roofing system. With seasonal temperatures and extreme weather, calling a professional Fort Collins roofing contractor to service your property maintains your beautiful roof.

When you need to fix loose shingles or replace an old roof, call Colorado Roofing Specialists. As Fort Collins’ residential roofing expert, we can address all your roofing needs. Our top-rated contractors maintain strong relationships with customers by offering timely repairs, high-quality workmanship, and excellent customer service. Call and start your residential roofing project.

Residential Roofing Materials We Service

Every roof material has specific needs. You should only hire a certified roofing business that understands how to perform quality, suitable service for your type of roof. As a trusted local roofing business in Fort Collins, we work with many popular residential materials.


Shingles likely cover many of the homes within your neighborhood. These low-cost, low-maintenance materials offer homes adequate protection and aesthetic flexibility that allows homeowners to customize their homes' looks. Shingles require occasional repairs or replacements when individual pieces crack or become loose.


Manufacturers make metal roofing in sheets that can cleanly attach to your home's structure. Not only do these sheets offer the highest energy efficiency of any material, but they come in many colors and styles. Thus, a metal roof provides an excellent option for contemporary and modern homes.


Tiles are long-lasting and impervious to rot. Energy-efficient tiles offer a classic look and come in various colors and styles. While tiles might be one of the more attractive roof materials, they're also heavier. As a result, we may need to install additional supports within your roof's structure to accommodate the extra weight.


Shakes offer a more natural aesthetic than other materials. These wooden tiles can create the feel of a modern log cabin while offering high-level protection for your home.


Flat roofs roll out from sheets and provide excellent protection for homes with geometric styles. We work with all kinds of flat roofs for homes and businesses. Many commercial buildings have flat roofs due to the extra space for HVAC equipment the flat surface provides. Below is a list of some of the most common roof repair issues we encounter on the job.

New Roof Installation in Fort Collins

Construction presents the perfect opportunity for a roofing company to install a new roof. However, not every business understands the complicated structures involved in installation. Thus, hire the best roofing company in Fort Collins to install a roof on your property.

Colorado Roofing Specialists expertly constructs new roofing in Fort Collins, CO. Call our experts to ensure a quality installation job.

Fort Collins Roof Repair Services

Over time, roofs take minor damage that can cause problems if left unaddressed. Cracked or damaged materials, small leaks, and damaged flashing increase the risks of water and structural damage.

Necessary repairs on your roof protect your property from damage. We offer high-quality roof repairs for any form of roofing damage.

Hassle-free Fort Collins Roof Replacement

Sometimes, roof repair in Fort Collins is insufficient. You may need a complete replacement to protect your property from further damage.

Homeowners should not hesitate to call Colorado Roofing Specialists after a natural disaster or accident compromises their roof. Replacing destroyed sections protects your home and family.

Roof Maintenance in Fort Collins, CO

Scheduling routine maintenance for your roofing avoids expensive damage. During maintenance, professionals inspect roofs and repair developing problems with the shingles, flashing, chimney, and other components. Addressing these roof issues very early can prevent more expensive roof repairs later.

Detailed Insurance Roof Inspections

After a natural disaster, you’ll likely want to file an insurance claim to cover the necessary roof work. However, many insurance companies require an inspection to validate claims. We offer insurance inspections for homes in Fort Collins.

Storm Damage Restoration You Can Count On

Here in Colorado, blizzards and ice storms can cause snow and hail damage. Storm damage restoration requires special work that specifically fixes problems caused by extreme weather events.

Our experts can inspect your property after a storm to plan restoration work. Call today to avoid additional damage after a storm.

Roof Tear-Off Services in Fort Collins

If you’re planning on installing a new roofing material or replacing damaged sections, call our roofing company in Fort Collins for tear-off services. Our professionals carefully remove compromised areas without causing additional damage.

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