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Get the best home remodeling services in Severance, CO.

Creating a new vision for your home gives you the opportunity to improve the look and functionality of key spaces. Whether you’ve been dreaming of an open-concept plan that offers more space for entertaining or need a room for a new child, you’ll require professional remodeling services to get the job done right.

Home remodeling in Severance, CO, requires understanding beyond normal construction services. A successful home renovation project will consider local weather patterns, geographic challenges, and future expansions while trying to achieve the homeowner’s dreams.

Hire professional home remodeling contractors from Colorado Roofing Specialists. Our professionals provide the top-rated home remodeling services in Severance and the surrounding area. Call our business to start finding a new look for your house today.

Why Should I Remodel My Home?

Many homeowners don’t know the best time to begin a renovation project. However, there is no wrong time to begin a remodeling project.

Various life events could prompt home remodeling services. Whether you’re tired of your space or want to create a new vibe for one room, remodeling services could be right for you.

Colorado Roofing Specialists can guide you through the remodeling process. Call today to create a new feeling for your house.

Best Severance, CO, Home Remodeling Contractors

As the top-rated home remodel contractor in Severance, Colorado Roofing Specialists take pride in offering homeowners expert design, construction, and remodeling services. Begin changing the style and feel of your house today.

Services for Any Remodeling Project

Some customers start with a clear vision, while others want our input on what changes could upgrade the look, feel, and functionality of their home. Our home remodeling services will help you make the best choices for each space in your property.


Many families spend considerable time in their kitchen. Whether you're entertaining guests, making family dinners, or having a glass of wine after work, your kitchen might be the first space you consider renovating. Furthermore, new kitchens add considerable value to a property, which is essential for homeowners planning to sell in the next few years. From cabinet and appliance installation to finishing work, our experts can create your dream kitchen. Call today to start construction on this essential space.

Living Rooms

Living rooms provide another crucial entertainment and relaxation area of your home. During remodeling, you could also consider knocking down walls to connect your kitchen and living room. Contact Colorado Roofing Specialists to transform your living room area today. We have the knowledge to install cabinets for entertainment systems and turn your home into the ultimate entertainment pad.


The bedrooms in your home should serve as ultimately comfortable and relaxing spaces to decompress. Beautiful bedrooms can impress visitors, making them especially beneficial for families with frequent guests. Whether you want to completely redo your master suite or make some minor changes to other bedrooms in your property, our experts offer excellent bedroom renovation services.

Basement Finishing

Many homes in Severance, CO, feature basements. While these versatile spaces offer room for comfort systems like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, they can also turn into another excellent entertainment area for your property. Finishing your basement with Colorado Roofing Specialists can improve the look and functionality of this area.

Home Offices and Guest Rooms

Adding a home office or guest bedroom to your property can increase both its market and functional value. Experts can add these spaces during renovation or construction to increase your home's amenities.

Hire Excellent Home Renovation Services From Colorado Roofing Specialists

Stop looking for the best home building and remodeling in Severance, and call Colorado Roofing Specialists. Our experts have the knowledge, tools, and vision to complete any renovation project. Remodel any space in your house with our top-rated services.

For more information about top-rated home remodeling services from qualified experts, contact (970) 587-4707 and schedule an initial consultation with Colorado Roofing Specialists.